Guided Composition and Letter Writing

Guided Composition and Letter Writing

An Inexhaustible Source of Ideas for Creative Writing: First Certificate

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Composition is too often the area where students lack confidence because they are on their own and have no guidelines on which to base their work. Creative writing demands a good knowledge and awareness, a special ability to present facts and ideas clearly, concisely and attractively. It is true that you cannot teach students to write, any more than you can teach them to paint, but you can definitely guide them to develop a technique. The aim of this series is to help students to write compositions and letters by first studying the models and then by going over the corresponding lauguage notes. These notes will give them constructive guidance on essay and letter writing, providing them with possible altematives, useful phrases, language accuracy and structural harmony. With consistent use of the material given, students will be able to approach composition more confidently and apply their ideas more accurately.

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